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Improve your Fat Loss – Sleep Habits Can Hinder or Improve Progress

          Are you continuing to run off of only 5 hours of sleep and hoping to improve body composition? If this is you, unfortunately you are high-jacking your progress and likely regressing. The human body’s metabolic processes are largely influenced by the hormones of the endocrine system which cycle throughout 24 hours. Two hormones worth noting are Cortisol, which increases in times of stress and is associated with decreased performance and Testosterone, which promotes muscle growth (which burns calories) and increases metabolic rate (yes women have testosterone too) . Other hormones affected by sleep include Leptin and Ghrelin which have roles in hunger suppression and meal initiation respectively. In short, if sleep is of poor quality or quantity these hormone cycles are disrupted and even inverted. Research shows that both proper sleep quantity and quality can contribute to a successful weight loss program. One study associate higher success rates of 33% for weight loss programs in middle aged overweight and obese women for those women who slept more than 7hr and had good subjective quality of sleep.

Tips for Improving Sleep Quality/Quantity:

-Sleep in a room that is completely dark

-Avoid caffeine,  nicotine, sugar after lunch

-Drink water

-Keep your sleeping routine consistent

-Decrease exposure to TV or computer several hours before bed

-Shoot for 7-8 hrs of sleep


Article written by Rec. Sports & Fitness Center (MSU) certified personal trainer – Kevin Erickson.


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Effects of Exercise on Sleep

When was the last time you sacrificed your sleep when you ran close to a deadline? Probably not too long ago. Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of health, perhaps because many think the benefits out-weight the consequences. Inadequate sleep is now recognized as a contributing factor to many health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes (Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School). Inadequate sleep is not the only problem, either. Poor sleep is  also a concern for many people.

Exercise can be helpful in getting better quality and increased amount of sleep. Leopoldino et al. investigated the effects of an exercise program based on Pilates Matwork on sleep quality over a 12 week period. The population, which had been sedentary prior to the study, experienced improvements in quality of sleep and even in overall quality of life (Leopoldino et al, 2013).

Different types and durations of exercise may have similar effects as well. So if you’re feeling short on time or stressed, do not sacrifice your sleep. Additionally, if the quality of your sleep is being compromised, make sure your exercise program is up to par.


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