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Winter Activities and Exercise around Bozeman

Winter is finally here! Get on the boots, throw on the jacket and extra layers and get outside. There are numerous possibilities around the Bozeman area to stay active.  Make it a goal to try something new or go somewhere new this winter:

xcountry ski

  1. Cross-country ski
    1. Sourdough/Bozeman creek
    2. Lindley park
    3. Or venture to Mt. Haggin near Anaconda and check out the little soup shack where you can rent gear and have hot soup and homemade pies!
  2. Ice Skate
    1. Beall, Bogert, or Southside City Park
    2. Rent skates from ASMSU Outdoor Rec. Center or Chalet sports
  3. Go for a Hike
    1. Bear Trap Canyon hike stays pretty dry year-round if you are looking for a less snowy hike. And you can go to Norris Hot Springs after you are done!
    2. Pop on some snow shoes and go deeper into the snow! Check out trails down the Gallatin Canyon or up in Hyalite
  4. Train for a Local “Fun Run” or Walk
    1. New Year’s Eve 2-mile Prediction, Missoula – Dec. 31st, 2014
    2. Rattlesnake Resolution Run 5K, Missoula – January 1st
    3. 34th Froze Nose Fun Run, Bozeman – February 7th 5.4, 3, 1.1 mile options                                                             With all the possibilities in Bozeman and the surrounding areas winter doesn’t have to slow you down.


Rec. Sports & Fitness new walking treadmill workstation. Get out of your office and get moving (while still getting work done)!

office on the move

Our bodies are meant to move and not sit for hours on end. The American Heart Assosciation recommends moving at least 30minutes/day and emphasizes ‘movement over time’ – you should get up every 30min and walk/move for at least 4-5mintues.

Webinar – “Sitting is the New Smoking”

Check out this great webinar down by MUS Employee  Wellness. The Wellness fitness specialist, Neal Andrews,  even presents this webinar while walking on a new treadmill workstation on the campus of MSU!

treadmill workstation