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HFC at the HFC

It’s that time of year again…Holiday Fitness Challenge at the Hosaeus Fitness Center!

Come join in the Holiday fun and stay active and healthy from Thanksgiving through New Years.


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(Turkey & Pie) + Exercise = A Happy Holiday


Why do most people, fitness gurus included, always trick themselves into thinking they’ll officially start a weight loss program only AFTER the holidays are over?  START TODAY!!  Ok, so yes, maybe you won’t necessarily reach your goal weight over the next 45 days or so, but if you commit to a healthier lifestyle and workout regimen now, you sure as heck won’t be so overwhelmed the time 2014 hits – which will be here before we’re all ready for it.  So go ahead and have your turkey and eat it too, but stay active while you’re gobbling that juicy bird and having your 2nd piece of pecan pie.  Do we have a deal?  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did, and it will also allow you enjoy the more important things about the holidays, which is being around those special people in your lives. 

Just a reminder –> Sign up here at ASMSU for our “Holiday Fitness Challenge” that currently going on, or just get some of your friends and/or family to make a pact with you to take that long walk after that huge holiday dinner.  We live in Bozeman for Pete’s sake; get outside and go do something active and worthwhile.  No regrets for this upcoming holiday season!

A Few Ways to Party Hearty Without Packing on the Weight

Arriving at holiday parties with strategies in place can help keep your calories and weight in check while ensuring still ensuring an enjoyable time.

  • Set measurable goals such as committing to one dessert serving or loading your plate half-full of vegetables.
  • Bring a healthy dish.
  • Eat a little something in advance so that you’re not famished upon arrival.
  • Cut yourself some slack.


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Group Fitness Schedule for the Break

With the winter break upon us, please realize we have a special group fitness schedule for December into January.  Go to the schedule here. We hope you have a great Holiday season.  Please look for more posts from our blog soon.  Thanks, have an excellent day!