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Glycemic Index & Picking the Right Carbs


Don’t be afraid to eat carbs!! Carbs/Carbohydrates (more specifically, the glucose found in carbohydrates) are your brain’s primary source of fuel and your body’s energy supply during high intensity exercise. If you are trying to lower your body’s fat composition, focus on eating carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index, rather than severely cutting or completely eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

What is glycemic index?

Glycemic index measures a carbohydrate food’s ability to raise blood glucose levels. When we consume carbohydrates, they get digested and influence our blood sugar levels. Some carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels a lot, while other carbohydrates affect blood glucose minimally.

How may the glycemic index help you lose fat?

By keeping blood glucose levels low, you can better manage your insulin response to food. Insulin is a powerful hormone that can deposit fat. Therefore if you are trying to lower your body’s fat composition, you want to keep it under control!

How can you lower the glycemic index of a food?

You can’t actually lower the glycemic index of a food, but there are other foods that can be paired with high glycemic index foods that will slow the release of glucose into the blood and help keep insulin levels under control. By pairing fat and/or fiber with a high glycemic index food, the glycemic index may be lowered. The addition of fat and/or fiber slows the speed at which food leaves your stomach. This therefore slows the release of glucose into the blood stream, keeping insulin levels under control.

What are some foods that have a low glycemic index?

– 100% stone ground whole wheat bread

– oatmeal, oat bran, barley

– sweet potato, yam

– corn, carrots, peas

– legumes, lentils

– most fruit (except bananas, pineapple, & melons just to name a few)

Bottom line…

Don’t completely eliminate carbohydrates from you diet! They are an important component to a healthy diet, proper brain function, and your performance during exercise.

Winter Activities and Exercise around Bozeman

Winter is finally here! Get on the boots, throw on the jacket and extra layers and get outside. There are numerous possibilities around the Bozeman area to stay active.  Make it a goal to try something new or go somewhere new this winter:

xcountry ski

  1. Cross-country ski
    1. Sourdough/Bozeman creek
    2. Lindley park
    3. Or venture to Mt. Haggin near Anaconda and check out the little soup shack where you can rent gear and have hot soup and homemade pies!
  2. Ice Skate
    1. Beall, Bogert, or Southside City Park
    2. Rent skates from ASMSU Outdoor Rec. Center or Chalet sports
  3. Go for a Hike
    1. Bear Trap Canyon hike stays pretty dry year-round if you are looking for a less snowy hike. And you can go to Norris Hot Springs after you are done!
    2. Pop on some snow shoes and go deeper into the snow! Check out trails down the Gallatin Canyon or up in Hyalite
  4. Train for a Local “Fun Run” or Walk
    1. New Year’s Eve 2-mile Prediction, Missoula – Dec. 31st, 2014
    2. Rattlesnake Resolution Run 5K, Missoula – January 1st
    3. 34th Froze Nose Fun Run, Bozeman – February 7th 5.4, 3, 1.1 mile options                                                             With all the possibilities in Bozeman and the surrounding areas winter doesn’t have to slow you down.

Boot Camp

Join us for boot camp on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7am. Click on the link below for more information!

bootcamp-red (3)

Happy Hour Bootcamp

happy-hour-bootcamp copyCheck out our new exercise special program! Starts Sept. 15th and 16th, sign up soon as space is limited!

This will be held in the Hosaeus Fitness Center.

Improve your Fat Loss – Sleep Habits Can Hinder or Improve Progress

          Are you continuing to run off of only 5 hours of sleep and hoping to improve body composition? If this is you, unfortunately you are high-jacking your progress and likely regressing. The human body’s metabolic processes are largely influenced by the hormones of the endocrine system which cycle throughout 24 hours. Two hormones worth noting are Cortisol, which increases in times of stress and is associated with decreased performance and Testosterone, which promotes muscle growth (which burns calories) and increases metabolic rate (yes women have testosterone too) . Other hormones affected by sleep include Leptin and Ghrelin which have roles in hunger suppression and meal initiation respectively. In short, if sleep is of poor quality or quantity these hormone cycles are disrupted and even inverted. Research shows that both proper sleep quantity and quality can contribute to a successful weight loss program. One study associate higher success rates of 33% for weight loss programs in middle aged overweight and obese women for those women who slept more than 7hr and had good subjective quality of sleep.

Tips for Improving Sleep Quality/Quantity:

-Sleep in a room that is completely dark

-Avoid caffeine,  nicotine, sugar after lunch

-Drink water

-Keep your sleeping routine consistent

-Decrease exposure to TV or computer several hours before bed

-Shoot for 7-8 hrs of sleep


Article written by Rec. Sports & Fitness Center (MSU) certified personal trainer – Kevin Erickson.


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Kick your New Year off right with our new weight loss program!

move it pic

(Turkey & Pie) + Exercise = A Happy Holiday


Why do most people, fitness gurus included, always trick themselves into thinking they’ll officially start a weight loss program only AFTER the holidays are over?  START TODAY!!  Ok, so yes, maybe you won’t necessarily reach your goal weight over the next 45 days or so, but if you commit to a healthier lifestyle and workout regimen now, you sure as heck won’t be so overwhelmed the time 2014 hits – which will be here before we’re all ready for it.  So go ahead and have your turkey and eat it too, but stay active while you’re gobbling that juicy bird and having your 2nd piece of pecan pie.  Do we have a deal?  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did, and it will also allow you enjoy the more important things about the holidays, which is being around those special people in your lives. 

Just a reminder –> Sign up here at ASMSU for our “Holiday Fitness Challenge” that currently going on, or just get some of your friends and/or family to make a pact with you to take that long walk after that huge holiday dinner.  We live in Bozeman for Pete’s sake; get outside and go do something active and worthwhile.  No regrets for this upcoming holiday season!

A Few Ways to Party Hearty Without Packing on the Weight

Arriving at holiday parties with strategies in place can help keep your calories and weight in check while ensuring still ensuring an enjoyable time.

  • Set measurable goals such as committing to one dessert serving or loading your plate half-full of vegetables.
  • Bring a healthy dish.
  • Eat a little something in advance so that you’re not famished upon arrival.
  • Cut yourself some slack.


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