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The EcoMill at the Hosaeus Fitness Center

A User Powered Treadmill!

            Have you seen this treadmill around the facility and are unsure what to make of it.  Let me take a moment of your time to tell you about the Woodway EcoMill treadmill.  The EcoMill is a non-motorized treadmill with one rechargeable battery for the display screen that charges as you use it.  Due to the fact that this is a user powered treadmill more effective workouts happen allowing the user to burn more calories per session.  It is a treadmill designed to decrease the shock impact of running.  The belt surface is rubber that is 3/8 an inch thick and considered the softest running treadmill in the world.  The curve of the treadmill is to help with proper body alignment during exercise which is a neutral spine and upright position.  So try out the great benefits that the EcoMill has to offer.  Below is a list of instructions for getting started.

            How To Operate the EcoMill

  1. Step on the treadmill.  Start to walk, the belt will begin to move, now press the green on button.
  2. The initial maximum speed set is 1.0.  The max speed display is found on the lower right side of the display panel.  As the user you can increase you max speed by pressing the fast or slow arrows on the lower right side of the display panel.  The max speed is a safety mechanism set up to keep the user going at a safe and desirable speed range.  The actual speed you are going is found on the lower left side of the display panel.
  3. The display panel lets you check out time elapsed, mets, heart rate, calories and pace. When you press the grey button labeled pace, cal, mets; the display screen changes.  The green light designates the corresponding number to the corresponding idea.   In order to read your heart rate you need to be either wearing a monitor or holding the silver monitors on the curved handle bars.
  4. To end your session gradually decrease the rate at which you are moving and press the off button.  Remember to always load and unload from the rear of the EcoMill.  Have fun and Enjoy!

Article written by Jocelyn Larson, one of the fantastic Fitness Staff at the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center.  Contact her at (406) 994-6309 for more information about personal training and other health/fitness programming.