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Summer Fitness Challenge!!

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*Must be a HFC member to participate

New Personal Trainer at Rec. Sports & Fitness!!

Check out Grant Rung, our new personal trainer at Rec. Sports & Fitness! Be sure to stop by and say “hi” to him or ask him for a free goal assessment about your health/fitness.

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I truly believe in fitness and having a healthy lifestyle will positively affect all parts of a person’s life. Before I became a NETA certified personal trainer I spent five years in the United States Army learning physical conditioning drills level 1 and 2. Along with conditioning drills, I’m certified in Army combatives and currently instruct kickboxing classes here in Bozeman.

I am dedicated to creating an individual based program to help improve overall fitness levels, strength gains and injury prevention. I take pride in helping and motivating clients to reach their goals in a fun, relaxed environment. Stop by the Rec. Sports office to visit with me about how I can help you achieve your goals!

Summer Bootcamp Time!!

Stay in shape all summer long with this fitness bootcamp! Our personal trainer will keep you motivated adding variety to your workouts; introducing you to new exercises, new techniques, high intensity training, and fun with a group. For all levels!

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Congrats to all those Graduates out there! Make us proud, go Bobcats!

April Personal Training Package Sale

Personal Training Packages On Sale For The Month Of April

3  50 minute sessions- $96 originally $114

6  50 minute Sessions- $174 originally $204

12 50 minute sessions- $266 originally $312

Glycemic Index & Picking the Right Carbs


Don’t be afraid to eat carbs!! Carbs/Carbohydrates (more specifically, the glucose found in carbohydrates) are your brain’s primary source of fuel and your body’s energy supply during high intensity exercise. If you are trying to lower your body’s fat composition, focus on eating carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index, rather than severely cutting or completely eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

What is glycemic index?

Glycemic index measures a carbohydrate food’s ability to raise blood glucose levels. When we consume carbohydrates, they get digested and influence our blood sugar levels. Some carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels a lot, while other carbohydrates affect blood glucose minimally.

How may the glycemic index help you lose fat?

By keeping blood glucose levels low, you can better manage your insulin response to food. Insulin is a powerful hormone that can deposit fat. Therefore if you are trying to lower your body’s fat composition, you want to keep it under control!

How can you lower the glycemic index of a food?

You can’t actually lower the glycemic index of a food, but there are other foods that can be paired with high glycemic index foods that will slow the release of glucose into the blood and help keep insulin levels under control. By pairing fat and/or fiber with a high glycemic index food, the glycemic index may be lowered. The addition of fat and/or fiber slows the speed at which food leaves your stomach. This therefore slows the release of glucose into the blood stream, keeping insulin levels under control.

What are some foods that have a low glycemic index?

– 100% stone ground whole wheat bread

– oatmeal, oat bran, barley

– sweet potato, yam

– corn, carrots, peas

– legumes, lentils

– most fruit (except bananas, pineapple, & melons just to name a few)

Bottom line…

Don’t completely eliminate carbohydrates from you diet! They are an important component to a healthy diet, proper brain function, and your performance during exercise.

Spring Ahead Registration Closes Monday 2/9! Sign up now!


Personal Fitness Services Presents another Special Program: Spring Ahead

Motivate With A Purpose

Feeling lost about what to do with your time at the gym? This 4 week program is designed to help you get motivated by performing weight training movements. We will motivate you and help you get closer towards achieving your goals!

February 9th – March 5

4 weeks

8- 30 minute small group training sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 pm- 12:30 pm Lunch Break workout