Take a Moment For Wellness During The Busy Holiday Season

Life will consistently provide us with challenges. We are faced with obstacles that sometimes inhibit us from being our “best selves”.

Today, we are forced to rush through our lives from one sentence, activity, or meeting to the next.  With this constant urgency, we miss out on the opportunity to understand the benefits of daily processes. We lack the ability to be truly present in a moment because we are forced into the next idea, person, journey, test or activity.

Being truly present in a given moment takes a lot of practice, practice that we sometimes don’t make time for. Being present means to release the mind from other thoughts, to avoid the tendency to think about what you want to say in response, to truly listen to one person is to give them all of your attention. We miss out on many beautiful opportunities and moments in our day to flourish because we are in such a hurry; we are trained to move faster, more efficiently. We are obsessed with the idea of what will be and miss out on what is.

I encourage you take time this holiday season. We can challenge ourselves every day to be better through self-awareness. In order to love others we need to first love ourselves. We cannot be content in situations if we are not content with our immediately surrounding world. We cannot let go if we are unaware of what it is we are holding onto.

When life moves fast, challenging, and out of our control, we must remind ourselves that there is one thing we can control. We can control the way we see things, hear things, love and respect things. We can control our perspective on any situation. Allow the perspective in your life to be something you are proud of, something that guides you. Remember when things are out of control, to think of this word and regain the control of your purpose, perspective.

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