Kassie’s Training Tip

“No Pain, No Gain”

This old saying is far from the truth! If you are continuously exercising to extremes, you may be damaging your body. Current research has proved that too much anaerobic or aerobic exercise may cause impaired immune function, inadequate energy levels, muscle cramps, reduced resistance training, and/or over-training syndrome.

What is over-training syndrome you may ask?

Some common symptoms of over-training syndrome may include the following:

-elevated resting heart rate

-chronic fatigue, workouts are draining

-an increase in sickness

-inadequate/poor sleep

-a decrease in performance or inability to reach training goals

-a lack of enthusiasm or motivation to train

-psychological staleness (chronic bad mood)

Over-training occurs when your body doesn’t have enough time to recover (i.e. daily high intensity exercise). Inadequate rest and recovery may lead to compensation and injury. If you have multiple symptoms of over-training listed above, you may need to adjust your training program and include appropriate rest and recovery time for your body!

Stop by the Rec. Sports Office today to set up an appointment if you have any questions or concerns about over-training or other training tips or issues!

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