New Trainer Spotlight: Ginger Terry

Fitness should never be a task, but instead  the lifestyle that we choose to live. It is just a matter of what level you want to live that life at. Through knowledge, movement, power, and means of mentality, it is my goal to provide clients with the necessary steps to live that desired lifestyle that they deserve.

Currently, I am a NETA certified personal trainer. In the very near future, it is my goal to be certified as a health fitness specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. By achieving my goals, I hope to have to power to help others achieve their goals with my expanded knowledge. I have always felt that I need to be part of the solution for individuals. I want to help them become healthier before they have to see a specialist (i.e. physical therapist, orthopedic doctor, etc.).

After coaching for many years, and watching athletes grow as individuals (both mentally and physically), I became excited to bring that same feel into the fitness center. Watching someone change for the better is always an inspiring moment.

I am here to answer questions and am very excited to work with you! Stop by and get a free goal assessment!


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