Here are My top 4 rules for injury prevention:

Everything in the human body needs to be balanced

  1. Daily balance of stretching and mobility drills on our TIGHT and PAINFUL areas. Forget the areas that don’t bother you and the areas that are easy to stretch!
  2. Balance of strength is a must. If you can bench 300lbs but cannot properly squat 150lbs, then we have a huge problem. Stop benching and work on your weak areas.
  3. Follow an Integrated training program that includes Core, Balance, Plyo’s, Agility, Resistance, and Cardio Conditioning. Again focus more on areas of weakness FIRST.
  4. If you encounter an injury, first priority is to follow the R.I.C.E. protocol: Rest (Stop doing anything that irritates the injured site), Ice (20min on, 20min off 3-5xday), Compress and Elevate the injured area while you ice.

Get in touch with me for any additional info or  questions!

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