Are You Accommodating?

Picture2  Still doing the same old routine? Daily you get on a piece of cardio equipment for the prescribed 30min time block, same pace,etc. Perhaps you have been doing 3×10 reps resistance training with same exercises load and same rest as usual. You probably are struggling to make progress towards your goals in whatever aspect of fitness you are seeking. What is happening is a biological phenomenon called accomodation. “According to this law, the response of a biological object to a constant stimulus decreases over time”(Zatsiorsky V.M., 5) Therefore you have lost the effective stimulus needed to adapt (improve fitness) and it would be beneficial to apply an Overload (increase in training load, duration, intensity or ) stimulus to your program. To continue to see results this overload must be progressing over time as your body adapts to the exercise stimulus. NO progressive overload, NO improvement it’s that simple. Some simple ways of progressing include changing the duration and intensity of training or mixing up exercise types and getting a scientific personalized program to follow.

Zatsiorsky, V.M., Kraemer W.J. Science and Practice of Strength Training 2nd Ed. Champaigne, IL: Human Kinetics; 2006


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