Free ChiRunning Workshop

ChiRunning Workshop with Brian Segal Tuesday April 8 at  noon in room 175 Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center


                                                                         Brian Segal

           ChiRunning and ChiWalking is a mindful approach to movement. ChiRunning
combines the inner flow and focus of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running to
create a new running form and philosophy. In order to run or walk pain and injury free,
we learn to cooperate with two main main forces, gravity and the force of the oncoming
road. By using gravity for propulsion and letting our legs swing rearward with the earth
as it passes beneath us, we increase mental clarity, reduce injury, and bring more joy
into our lives. ChiRunning changes running from a fitness sport to a holistic practice like
Yoga or Pilates. In this presentation, we will first present the physical mechanics of the
technique including Alignment, Lean, Ankle Lift, and Arm Swing. Then we will move into
the more Mindful aspects such as Imagery, Body Sensing, and Gradual Progress. The
benefits of the practice will be woven into the presentation and then reiterated near the
end. Live longer, feel better, and be more present by incorporating these techniques into
your life.

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