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Not seeing the results you are looking for? Has progress stopped or significantly regressed? Try analyzing your body’s “readiness to train”. Far too often I see people physically exhausted and over trained, yet still trying to push their bodies’ too hard. When your body is over stressed or over trained you will no longer see positive results. Exercise is like medicine, in the right dose it can be beneficial, in the wrong dose it can be detrimental. The three biggest factors to analyze before beginning an intense workout are as follows:

1. SLEEP. (How was your sleep the night of and 1-2 nights prior? The hours and quality?)

2. FUEL. (Your body is a machine, fuel it with high performance fuel and it will perform well. Fuel it with garbage and  your performance will suffer. How was your nutrition the day of and 2 days prior?)

3. STRESS. Stress has a large effect on our adrenals (Hormones) and their regulation. Stress can be categorized as Physical, Mental, and Emotional. A stressed body is a tired body. Too much stress and your  performance will suffer.

I use a simple system in my training programs. I evaluate the three above factors every single day. Based on my findings, my  “readiness to train”  for the days workout will either be LOW 😦 , MODERATE :I , OR HIGH :).   If my readiness is low then I will cut back and/or lower the intensity of my workouts.

The bottom line: If your bodies “readiness” is low, your performance will slow or halt willingly (by you backing off) or unwillingly (pushing harder and harder to no avail).

Get in touch with me today for any additional info or  questions!!

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