Breakfast: It Really IS the Most Important Meal of the Day

There are countless reasons why people skip breakfast in the morning: no time, not hungry, trying to cut calories, etc. However, this is a habit that you should NOT get into. Research shows a link between skipping breakfast and obesity in many populations. A balanced breakfast also helps to curb cravings later at night, reducing the number of calories consumed in a day by around 150 calories.

Breakfast should constitute approximately 20-30% of your daily caloric intake and contain products from three main sources: dairy, whole grain cereals, and fruit with no added sugars.

Learn to make breakfast a part of your daily routine, regardless of what your fitness goals are!


M Giovannini, E Verduci, S Scaglioni, E Salvatici, M Bonza, E Riva and C Agostoni. Breakfast: A Good Habit, not a Repetitive Custom; Journal of International Medical Research 2008 36: 613.

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