Women and Cardio VS  Strength Training



This edition of myth busting I want to give a little help to all the ladies out there who have been working very hard to achieve their goal physique without complete success. So often do I see the ladies doing endless hours of cardio and minimal to no strength training.

Which brings me to Myth #1. Lifting weights will make women bulky?: ANSWER: FALSE! What is required to create these “bulky” physiques you see above is VERY difficult, and in most cases illegal…hint hint. Professional trainers know that strength training supplemented with proper nutrition is phenomenal, if not the best way to firm up and burn body fat.

So If the ultimate goal is a well “toned” and or “firmed” physique then ladies listen up! Your new best friend MUST be STRENGTH TRAINING. That’s right I said it! Strength training will not only build the lean muscle that INSINERATES calories, but it will also boost  your metabolism, increase work capacity, overall athleticism, and injury prevention!

Solution #1 Cut back on the endless hours of cardio. Get a hold of myself or any of our well qualified trainers and have us teach you the basics of weight training to get you started. (Bench Press, Back/Front Squat, Deadlift, and Overhead Press)

Get in touch with me today for any additional info or  questions!!

Call Shawn today for an appointment @ 994-6309.





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