Create Your Own Intensity w/ TRX Training


As a TRX-Certified Instructor, I absolutely love teaching and utilizing the TRX suspension trainer when training both small group fitness classes and my clients.  Personally, I incorporate this type of workout into my own routine at least 2x/week, and I still look forward to each and every TRX workout. 

The TRX suspension trainer hosts tons of benefits, the most relevant maybe being that it pertains to all fitness levels.  Anyone can get through a TRX workout because you have the option to make it as easy or as difficult as you like.  Another great benefit to TRX training is the combination of both cardio and strength training that can be achieved while using this device.  Not only will you build greater endurance and cardiovascular health, but you’ll also build greater strength and more lean muscle mass as you go through the TRX workouts.  Aside from the few benefits I just mentioned, each TRX move is designed to challenge your core from start to finish and increasing one’s core strength is the single-most essential component to a solid foundation for overall well-being and optimal health conditioning.  Injury rehabilitation and muscle imbalances can also be addressed with different TRX techniques. 

Now then, my challenge for you is to check out a TRX suspension trainer from the equipment desk and spend as little as 20 minutes with it.  I’m always up for any TRX questions you might have, and I’ll do my best to answer any inquiries and/or demonstrate any TRX exercises that you might be having trouble with in order to make you better at achieving your fitness goals.  Never hesitate to ask!


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