Quadriceps Activation in Sprinters

A novice athletes’ training initially occurs neurologically, teaching the brain specific movements. They spend a lot of time teaching the brain to communicate with their body to attain optimal performance of basic movements. Highly trained athletes often use high power exercises that work off basic movements and adapt the muscles to perform at a higher capacity. In one study performed in December 2012, high trained sprinters were used as subjects to test the contractile properties of the quadriceps muscle based on the effects of power endurance training versus high-intensity power training. After a series of 8 weeks of training results show that improvements in 60- m sprint were significant after high intensity power training. In conclusion to this study the experimenters could not attribute the quadriceps muscles specifically to the high intensity training, rather that the high intensity training was attributed to the gains in sprint times. With this said, if you are interesting in improving your sprint times try adding some high intensity training to your workout plan!



Sigitas Kamadulis, Albertas Skurvydas, Marius Brazaitis, Aleksas Stanislovaitis, Jacques Duchateau & Jurate Stanislovaitiene (2012) :Effect of a Periodized Power Training Program on the Functional Performances and Contractile Properties of the Quadriceps in Sprinters, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 83:4, 540-545.

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