Train for a 5k

The first step to reaching your goal of running a 5k is to start running!!
The next step would be planning your weekly workouts. For a general program design, run 3 days a week and strength train 2 days a week. Keep the rest days spread out so you are not resting two days in a row, unless it’s needed.

If you are not a runner right now that ok! Start off small and increase gradually.
Here is a general idea of how to start off. Remember this is a beginner program but can be used for intermediate, advanced, and for longer distance runs. Also, changes can be made due to your lifestyle or preferences.
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week one rest 1 mi ST 1mi rest 1.5 ST
Week two rest 1.75 ST 1.75 rest 1.75 ST
Week three rest 2 ST 2 rest 2 ST
Week four rest 2.25 ST 2.25 rest 2.25 ST
Week five rest 2.5 ST 2.5 rest 2.5 ST
Week six rest 2.75 S T 2.75 rest 2.75 ST
Week seven rest 3 ST 3 rest 3 ST
Week eight rest 3.25 ST rest rest race weekend
*ST= Strength Train
As for strength training, try some circuits. These are excellent because they involve aerobic and resistance exercises. They are high intensity and help build your endurance, which is perfect for runners! Mix up exercises so that you are training the entire body. Squats, burpees, sprints, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, and plyometrics are just a few exercises that you could incorporate in your circuits.
Have any questions? Our Fitstaff here at MSU REC Sports would love to answer them! Stop in or make an appointment today 994-500.

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