Running Injuries? Check out our Free Running Clinic!

Who hasn’t had an injury from running?!?! One common running injury is tibial stress syndrome, or “shin splints”. Shin splints consists of pain and tenderness on the anterior part of the lower leg on either side of the shin bone. This injury is typically not a single medical condition, but a symptom of an underlying problem: irritated muscles from overuse, stress fractures, overpronation or flat feet.

Treatment options:

  • Rest to allow body to heal
  • Ice the shin (try ice cups to massage the muscles in the shin)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Check the quality of your shoes (is it time for a new pair or to evaluate your foot type?)
  • Physical Therapy to help get faster relief and to help strengthen the muscles in your shin

 shin splits

Check out our upcoming Free Spring Clinics at the Rec. Sports & Fitness Center:

1) Free Running Injury Clinic put on by Advanced Performance Rehabilitation Services

Wednesday March 27th from 5pm—6pm*

2) Free Injury Screenings put on by Advanced Performance Rehabilitation Services

Thursday March 28th from 4pm—6pm*

*You must be a member of the Rec. Sports & Fitness Center to participate. Sign up required with limited spaces. Stop by the Rec. Sports front office or call 994-5000


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