Goal Setting

Why Set Goals?  

If you are not reaching for anything it is very unlikely you will grab onto it.

What types of goals?

Short and Long term

How to set goals effectively:

Try the acronym SMART.

Specific: Know exactly what you would like to accomplish

Measurable: Be sure to measure progress with a number: pounds, inches, percentages.

Action based: What action should be taken to achieve this specific goal? Minimizing junk food, lifting weights, running etc.

Realistic: Is it realistic? This depends on whether it is a Short or Long term goal, genetics, time constraints etc.

Time bound: A good time frame for noticeable physical results is 4-6 weeks (Shorter end of the spectrum) Whereas a Longer time frame for a bigger goal may be a year down the road.

Another thing to think about is either picking a long term goal, and breaking it down into several short term goals following SMART. Be sure to record the measurable variables and look back at them from time to time to see that progress has been made. Pick something hard, break it into manageable chunks and practice!

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