66 kg clean and jerk

When most people hear the word “weightlifting” they think bicep curls, bench press and other upper body exercises. Weightlifting is the actual sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Many people do not realize this and do not practice it because they don’t know about the sport. They fear the weight and have no resource to teach them the sport. Olympic Weightlifting teaches the body to use all muscle fibers at once. What most people do in the gym is weight train. It doesn’t sound too different, but weight training is not a sport. Weight training is very broad but usually involves single joint movement or isolation of a main muscle. Olympic weightlifting can also be confused with Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. Here are the differences:

Powerlifting: measures how much one can lift during bench press, deadlift, and squat

Body building: not focused on athletic performance; focus is on look and symmetry of the body

Olympic Weightlifting: measures how much one can lift in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Helps athletic performance

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

Forces stabilizer muscles to activate to secure weight in overhead lifts

Cuts down on exercise time

Body composition (fat%) lowers faster than weight training

Safest form of resistance training (shown by various studies)
Improves overall athletic performance

Prevents osteoporosis

Here at MSU Recreational Sports and Fitness we have a dedicated room for Olympic Weightlifting. We also have certified trainers that can help you with form or any questions you might have about the sport. Please don’t hesitate to ask!!

“What Is Weightlifting,” 2007-2011 Olympic Weightlifting Resource, http://www.owresource.com

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