Body Weight and Functional Exercises

Who says you need equipment to work out? Body weight exercises are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when things like equipment, money, location of the gym can be very limiting. Since this is a time in our economy when most individuals are looking to limit spending, this is a good way to stay fit without a big investment.  As one of the top ten fitness trends expected in 2013, reported by, body weight exercises can be used to promote strength as well as the cardiovascular system. Higher intensity moves and interval type training can be done with just body weight as well.

Functional training is also one of the top ten expected trends this year. Additionally, functional training and body weight exercises can go hand in hand.  In a recent study, researchers investigated the effects of functional training on the dynamic alignment of the leg and overall strength and functional performance. After 8 weeks of functional stabilization exercises, the training group showed improvements in dynamic alignment, lower limb strength and functional performance over the control group (De Marche et al, 2012).

Whether you like to squat, lunge, do push-ups, dips or core work, get up and move that body weight!


De Marche Baldon R, Lobato DFM, Carvalho LP, Wun PYL, Santiago, PRP, Serrao FV. Effects of functional stabilization training on lower limb biomechanics in women. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2012;44(1):135-145.

Warner, Jennifer. “Top 10 Fitness Trends Picked for 2013.” WebMD, 15 Feb 2013 <http://;

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