Getting Back into Routine After the Holiday Season


Happy New Years! Welcome to 2013. Let’s talk about getting back into your workout routine or getting that New Year resolution workout routine started.
Some things to think about before getting started:
Think about what you want to accomplish this year, planning ahead is the key to success.
• If you are new to the fitness center and exercise, think about talking to our personal trainers on starting points for beginners
• For more advanced individuals, think about how far you’ve come and set some new goals for yourself. Group fitness classes are a great way to make new friends and invent different fitness goals to achieve

Focus on making lots of good, little decisions.
• It’s important to focus on the positive and successful decisions that you make. Because when you feel good about decisions you’ve made you’re more likely to repeat those behaviors
Rather than assuming your ability is the same, start slowly so you can gauge where your strength is following the holiday break.
• Following long periods of rest, our body’s strength tends to regress, so it’s important to get back into a routine progressively
A realistic goal is more about creating a healthier outlook than working your way down a “to-do list”.
• Rather than coming to the gym with a short term agenda, think long-term health
• The fitness experience should be more about bonding with your body, versus training it as a separate unit apart from yourself
Think about wellness not weight-loss.
• Losing weight is a very common motivating factor for coming to a gym, but once the weight is off, it’s important to keep it off
• When losing weight, so many changes occur in the body and the mind: your mood will improve, energy levels are going to go up, and recurring pain from excess weight will alleviate
It’s never too late to start over or re-invent yourself. Make 2013 your best year yet!
Feel like you need some help getting started? Come talk to our Fitness Staff at the Rec Sports & Fitness Center about personal training sessions.

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