Working Out on the Go

Who says you need a gym to be active! What’s your goal? Strength, hypertrophy, endurance?


Bodyweight exercises (gymnastics) can be done anywhere. For example:

Upper Body

Lower Body

Full Body/Core

Pushup (incline, decline, regular, wide, narrow….)

Air Squat


Chair Dip

Wall Sit


Pull-up (@ playground etc.)

Single Leg Squat


Isometrics( hold your bag out at arms-length for example for as long as possible)




Broad Jump

Mountain Climber


Side Lunge

Flutter Kick


Box (curb, bench) jumps or step-ups

Bear Crawl

Also running can be done just about anywhere just pick a distance and go! You can do longer distance in miles or shorter sprints in meter/yards.

There are many ways of using these exercises to maintain or improve fitness all it takes is the commitment to doing them. For example just pick one from each category and pick a number of reps to do and make a circuit like: 10 pushups, 10 air squats, 10 burpees, run 100yd and repeat the whole thing 5 times.

There are literally hundreds of bodyweight only exercises. So you really have no exercise, if you don’t want to ‘workout’ go for a hike, bike ride, walk, ski, or snowshoe.

Here’s a good example I found of how to squat.


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