Winter Exercise and Activity


Winter is finally here! Get on the boots, throw on the jacket and extra layers and get outside. With the possibilities in the Bozeman area to stay active, being cold should never become an issue. In the surrounding areas of Bozeman there are several great locations for cross-country and alpine skiing, also snowboarding is a local favorite. Skiing is a great way to build endurance and work out several muscles. Typically when skiing the thighs, calves, glutes, biceps and triceps all get an excellent workout. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Don’t overdo it. Be conservative in how long you plan to ski.
  • Prepare yourself ahead of time by doing some cardio and strength training to avoid muscle strain.
  • Bring fluids and snacks, especially if you’re heading to a remote area.
  • Wear layers of clothing that keep you warm and allow for easy movement.
  • Be safe. Let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return.

Take the kids out for a day of ice skating at Beall, Bogert, or Southside City Park in Bozeman. Fees vary at each location, ice skating is a great way to have fun and include the entire family.

            With all the possibilities in Bozeman and the surrounding areas winter doesn’t have to slow you down.

For More Information and Prices check out

Written by our Fitstaff member, Michael Ruiz

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