Applications of Intensity

Despite the popular beliefs that an hour on a treadmill or bike is the best and only way of working improving the Cardiorespiratory System there is another way. Weights! One tool that comes to mind is the kettlebell. The mode of exercise doesn’t really matter. What matters is how Intensity is applied to the exercise.

For example doing 10 second high intensity intervals on a bike is the same metabolic pathway (phosphagen) as doing the same thing with a barbell, dumbell etc. The glycolytic pathway which is primary for bouts up to 60 seconds. These are what is known as the anaerobic systems but bouts of over a minute become more Aerobic as the duration increases and the intensity that can be sustained decreases.

Kettlebell circuits and intervals are a fantastic tool to improve aerobic capacity while gaining strength without spending a ton of time working out. There are many moves that can be completed but the best one to start with is the “Russian Kettlebell Swing” due to it’s large muscle mass engagement and ballistic(significant use of acceleration and velocity running and jumping are ballistic). nature. In short if properly applied, kettlebells and other weights can be extremely effective for improved work capacity, aerobic capacity, strength and as an added benefit fat loss. Below is a Demo of the “Russian Kettlebell Swing”.


Acsm’s resource manual for guidelines for exercise testing and prescription . (6th ed., p. 49). Philedelphia: Wolters Klewer Lippencott Williams & Wilkins.

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