Fueling for training, what to eat before, during and after exercise

Before exercise

5-60 minutes, 0.5b/lb, 300 calories (based on a 150lb person)
2 hours, 1.0g/lb, 600 calories (based on a 150lb person)
4 hours, 2.0g/lb,  1,200 calories (based on a 150lb person)

During a long workout

If you plan to exercise longer than 90 minutes, you should plan to consume not only a pre-exercise snack but also additional carbs to maintain a normal blood sugar. While athletes in running sports that jostle the stomach may prefer to drink primarily liquid carbs, cyclists and skiers might prefer a granola bar or dried fruit plus water. The goal is:

30-60g carb (120-140 calories/hour) exercise that lasts 2 to 3 hours 60-90g carb (240-360 calories/hour) extended exercise like a triathlon, all day hike etc

After exercise

Rapid refueling is most important for people who do repeated bouts of intense, depleting exercise. Your muscles are most receptive to refueling within an hour after a hard workout, so the sooner you refuel, the sooner you’ll be ready to exercise again. If you have a full day to recover before your next training session or you have done a workout that has low recovery needs, you do not need to be obsessed with post workout refueling. However, getting in the habit of refueling after a workout, will allow you to feel better, feel more energized and curb your appetite.

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