Strength in Numbers

Are you looking for a way to improve your performance?  MSU Rec Sports and Fitness is offering a great strength program, “Strength in Numbers” running from Oct 1 to Nov 9.  For $70, participants will receive 2 personal training sessions, group meetings, advice from a registered dietician, prizes and much more.  Each week participants will learn a new topic during a group meeting. During the week, participants will work with their personal trainer to refine the weekly topic to best meet their goal and at the end of the week, participants will present their program design to the group.  At the end of 6 weeks, YOU will have developed a strength program that is designed around YOUR goals so whether you are new to exercise or looking for new ways to vary your exercise routine, this program will benefit all exercisers.  The best part is that participants fill out an availability form so personal training sessions are scheduled around YOUR busy schedule and group meetings meet at a time that works for all participants, most likely early morning, lunch hour or evenings.  Sign up at the main office, rm 120.  Learn your strengths!

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