Muscle Strain

Muscle strains are one of the most common injuries seen in a physicians office. A muscles strain is caused by overstretching the muscle while it is being activated, or used. A muscle strain can lead to a muscle tear so you have to be careful. If the muscles tears it happens near the tendon, or the attachment of the muscle to the bone, as shown in the picture below. In order to reduce the probability of a muscle strain you should make sure to incoporate an adequate warmup  to your routine and stretch your muscles daily. Listen to your body and know when to give it a rest.

Symptoms of a muscle strain (also known as a pulled muscle )

– swelling                                            – pain when muscle is used

-weakness                                          – bruising

– inabilty to use the muscle                  -pain at rest

Treatment of a muscle strain


-Rest  (keep from using the muscle)

-Ice(every 20 minutes, you can only add heat when swelling goes down)

-Compression (helps reduce swelling and unwanted movement)

-Elevation (keep the muscle elevated)

-Antiflammitaory medication (aspirin or Ibuprofen)



Garrett WE Jr. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. [1996, 24(6 Suppl):S2-8]

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  1. Posted by Amelia Barney on July 31, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Good points about how to help a pulled muscle. a place i found that had some great stuff that helped was most of all i found that i had to give it time to heal properly.


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