Healthy Joints

             A joint is an area where bones come together to enable movement.  Bones connect to one another by ligaments. Ligaments are bands of connective tissue that bind one bone to another. In order to have greater mobility we need to increase our joint range of motion, the ability for the joint to move. Having better joint range of motion will improve our daily activities.  Here are a few ideas for maintaining healthy joints.

  1. Staying mobile- Movement allows our joints to gain greater range of motion through practicing an action and protecting it from becoming stiff.
  2. Foam roller- Releases tight muscles around a joint and increases blood flow to that joint.
  3. Strength Exercises- Strengthening the muscles around the joint gives you more strength to move the joint.
  4. Low impact Exercise- Swimming, biking and walking are great ways to stay mobile and allow the joints to practice movement without great impact on the joint.

Image                                                                     Photo of a joint

Gray, Henry. Grays Anatomy. New York : Bounty Books, 1977.

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