Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What is DOMS?

DOMS is soreness in the muscle that occurs 48-72 hours after a workout.  It is caused from unaccustomed muscles to exercise or strenuous exercise. Swelling and local pain is caused by an irritation to the nerve endings in the muscle.  However, muscle soreness could be an indication that the muscle is adapting to a specific movement or exercise. If pain persists then it could indicate that you are over training and there is a possibility of large muscular tissue damage.

Preventing DOMS

DOMS can be prevented by gradually increasing the intensity of workouts.  Doing too much too soon can set you back in your training, rather than forward.  Sports massage can help in the prevention of DOMS as well as treating it.


  When DOMS occurs, the soreness usually leaves the body in about 72 hours after its appearance.  Anything that increases blood flow will help in the treatment of DOMS, massage, hot bath or sauna.  These actions will help the muscles feel better and in time the soreness should be gone.  If the pain in the muscles starts to be debilitating seeing a doctor could be in your best interest.


“Asian Journal of Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports.”

Volume.5 No.1 pp46-47. 7/15/2012

Article written by one of our amazing fitness staff Becky Miros. Come to the fitness staff office to set up a training appointment with Becky today!

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