What Are Your Exercise Intentions?

Do you think about why you exercise and what your health & fitness goals are? Are you exercise obsessed or just an avid exerciser enthusiast? That answer depends on your attitude and exercise intentions: If you exercise frequently because you enjoy it and you like the health benefits it provides, you have the right reasons in mind. If you exercise because you feel obligated to do so, and despite having injuries, you may be at risk for developing an exercise disorder.
Lots of people may be over-exercising and not even know it and not know that it may be damaging to their body. Here are just some of the many complications that can result from over-exercising (ACSM):

  • Risk of osteoporosis
  • Menstrual cycle complications
  • Decreased strength and muscle mass
  • Increase risk of upper respiratory tract infections and decreased immune function
  • Sleep disturbances and body fatigue

Giving your body rest and time for recovery is just as important as your workouts. Physiologically, the body cannot recover properly without adequate rest. 

Here are some tips to help start exercising in a healthy manner:

1)      Write down what your exercise goals and intentions are

2)      Talk to one of the certified personal trainers at the Hosaeus Fitness Center for correct exercise prescription

3)      If exercise is your relief from anxiety, or to feel in control, try taking a yoga class or perform some conscious breathing exercises

4)      Seek help from a counselor or a trusted health professional if you feel you might be over-exercising for the wrong reasons and/or have (or are developing) an exercise disorder


American College of Sports Medicine’s Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 5th Ed. Kaminsky, L. (Ed.). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: 2006.

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