SAID Principle

SAID Principle

Are you picking the right exercises for your goals? Are you performing them in the proper manner? Use the SAID Principle to make sure!

SAID stands for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands and works because all exercises involve both stimulus and response. According to National Strength and Conditioning Association the SAID Principle states “the demands placed on the body dictates the type of adaptation that will occur”. So the type of stimulus applied during exercise will determine the physiological response and adaptation. For example lifting heavy weights will improve motor unit recruitment (how the brain uses muscle fibers) and stimulate muscle growth resulting in strength gains. Another example is doing cardiorespiratory or aerobic work will improve the efficiency of how the heart pumps blood and efficiency of how the cells use oxygen. Proper application of the SAID principle can therefore lead to more effective training for your goals!

Need help with this? Please contact Kevin to schedule a free goal assessment. 406-994-6309

Kevin is Level 1 Sports Performance Coach from USA Weightlifting and is also an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist.

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