Improve Your Performance

You work out at the gym, lifting weights, performing some stretches, and also working on the cardio machines.  This is a typical way to get your fitness done for the day and the week.  Improve your health, increase your fitness levels, and escalate your performance.  Also, make sure to add in some exercises which challenge yourself in other ways:

  • Speed, agility, and quickness – use the agility ladder, perform some sprints on your bicycle, go dancing for 60 minutes or so instead of riding that stairstepper
  • More powerful exercises – hire a trainer to learn how to perform cleans and other Olympic lifts – these are fantastic exercises to help improve your neuromotor ability

Functional fitness is a continuum of exercises.  From the lower-end exercises like the silly bicep curl to the higher end of the spectrum which could include snatches (Olympic lift).  Everyone is their own exercise expert, usually based upon what they read in a magazine, see on TV, learn from their friends.  A lot of what is “functional” depends on what you are training for.  Make sure to seek professional advice so you don’t waste your precious time each day/week/month.  Use what works well for you to maximize your time and optimize your performance.

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