Explosive Exercises

               As stated in my previous article Why Increase Rate of Force Development, explosive exercises help achieve greater power. Explosive exercises use large muscle movements. They involve high intensity explosive muscle contractions that allow the muscle to stretch before it contracts at a greater force.             

                So we know of good reason to add explosive exercises to our current workout to increase power lets take a look at some examples of explosive exercises.  Explosive exercises are high risk exercises and if performed incorrectly can result in injury. Make sure that your muscles are warmed up before engaging in explosive exercises.

 You could try adding a vertical box jump to your training. Start with small objects to jump onto and build up to larger ones.  Stand in front of the box with your arms out in front of you and knees bent. Use your arms to help you jump up onto the box standing and landing in the middle. Stand all the way up.

Try adding a box squat to your training. Start by standing up all the way, assume a squat onto the box with your heels pressed against the box, jump up as hard and as fast as you can. You can progress with this by holding weight in you hands behind your neck.


Try adding a jump squat. Stand straight back and neck in a neutral position holding a kettlebell with both holds. Come down to a squat position, once the kettlebell touches the floor jump up as hard and fast as you can.

Here are some examples of explosive exercises. Give them a try. If you have any questions contact Jocelyn Larson or stop by the fitness staff office.


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