One more day until the start of the Spring Semester

January has been a busy month for ASMSU Rec Sports & Fitness. We’ve been planning and fine tuning our programs. Our annual weight loss program is all full, but we have a Women’s Strength Training program starting soon, along with a Functional Movement program. We’ll get this out ASAP! Make sure to check our website for updates, and, of course, look for the fliers in the MHFC.
At the end of the month, we have our annual bouldering competition, The Prince and Princess of Plastic. A two-day event, we have multiple divisions for beginners and experts alike. Sign up at 120 Marga Hosaeus.
In the Fitness Center: we have two new straight bars up in the Functional Fitness Area along with a couple more heavy bags to be used for carries and drags. Please make sure to ask a FitStaff member if you want to use the rings or climbing rope. Ropes and Rings can only be used under direct supervision! We are working on converting a racquetball court over to an Olympic Lifting Area, hoping to have this open sometime very soon. We will keep you updated! Have a great day.

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