Want More BANG For Your BUCK From Your Workout??

The Holiday Festivities are among us, including pumpkin pie, turkey, potatoes galore, and Aunt Sally’s famous fruitcake. With your busy schedule your time is slim, but your waistline is not. Fear not; make your workouts more beneficial and less time consuming!

I ask this question: why train muscles individually when they always work together?

Here’s an answer: you don’t have to. Very rarely do your muscles work as each individual part. Any activity you perform requires activation from numerous muscles in your body. This means using large movements that take as many joints as possible through their available range of motion (Broadbent). Think of it like this; with the holidays you will be carrying lots of boxes (gifts, decorations, etc), shoveling snow, picking up nieces, nephews, and grandkids, and helping move furniture to accommodate the in-laws flying in from Texas. When performing these tasks it would be nice not to throw out your back, correct? Now is time to start training your body for these useful and practical duties and keep your pants buttoned! Working more muscles at once decreases your time spent at the gym, increases total calories burned, and keeps you in shape for those family outings.

According to Juan Carlos Santana, there are 4 pillars of human movement:

  1. Standing and locomotion
  2. Level changes in the body’s center of mass
  3. Pushing and pulling
  4. Rotation

Consider those movements condensed together! BOOM, more bang for your buck and BOOM, the focus is on functionality of the human body. Try these two multi-pillar based exercises.

  1. Sled Pull Aparts
  2. Squats with Overhead Press: start and finish

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