Ski/Snowboard Season Preparation

Picture this: It’s the first week of ski and snowboard season, you’re standing at the top of a mogul run trying to convince yourself that you can ski a clean run. You’re legs are tired and you’re out of breathe as you’ve been skiing all day. But there is one more challenge ahead full of fresh powder! Are you ready for the upcoming ski season? Mentally you’re probably psyched! But IS YOUR BODY PHYSICALLY READY?

With about a month and a half until ski season starts, there is still time to condition your body for the demands of winter sports. We all want to be able to ski or snowboard harder, faster, longer and injury-free. We want to be more alert, able to make quick decisions, ski without worrying about catching our breath, and maybe try a new jump or more mogul runs. To accomplish all of this, one needs to prepare for ski season by incorporating a strength and conditioning program touching on all the demands and characteristics of skiing. Below are the main fitness components of skiing and snowboarding that need to be included in a training program (Schurman 2003, Leopardi-Anderson 2003):

1)      Muscular strength = help build a foundation for strength – emphasize the legs, hips and lower back

2)      Muscular Endurance = for the whole body specific to skiing or snowboarding

3)      Cardiovascular Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance = Aerobic: being able to ski all day and for high altitude ski areas. Anaerobic: increase your tolerance for shorter, steeper, more intense portions of ski runs.

4)      Muscular Power = for moguls and jumps

5)      Balance and Agility = Rarely are both skis equally weighted at the same time, thus the need to develop your balance, coordination and increase your awareness of you center of gravity as you bounce down the hill.

6)      Core Strength = Most all muscle movements in skiing are driven by the center of mass (core musculature). It is very important to keep the core balanced and strong in order to transfer power throughout the body.

Need help creating a training program for your winter sport? Contact Abbey at 994-5000 for personal training or check out her Ski/Snowboarding Instructional Program starting Oct 17th!


Leopardi-Anderson, Kathleen. 2003. Ski Conditioning 6-8 Week Progressive Training Program. NSCA’s Performance Training Journal: Vol 2:1, p. 15-21.

Schurman, Courtenay. 2003. Jump-Start Your Ski Season With Circuit Training. NSCA’s Performance Training Journal: Vol 2:1, p. 15-21.

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