Labor Day

What a fabulous Labor Day.  Taking a break from the lovely afternoon to get some writing in.  The Hosaeus Fitness Center was busy this morning when we opened at 10 am.  (Remember that all National holidays will necessitate the HFC being opened from 10am to 7pm)  It was great to see all of the patrons enjoying the cardio machinery.  The ReRev pieces were in full use and definitely pumping some energy back into the grid.  If you enjoy getting your cardio exercise done with the machines, make sure to head down to the first floor cardio section and use the ReRev pieces.  This system will put energy back into the power supply at MSU.  This is a great way to have a more sustainable facility.  Instead of take, take, take, you can give, give, give. 🙂

Have a great start to your week; head on in to the HFC and go to a group fitness class.  Check the schedule. Or maybe attend a FREE workshop.  Ask at the Fitness Staff office or check the easels or sandwich boards for the workshop schedule!

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